Experience Rapid Weight Loss with Total Life Changes HCG Drops

If you are planning to lose weight quickly and effectively than total life changes hcg drops are just for you. This weight loss product is a homeopathic based medicine. HCG is a natural hormone present in the product that is easily absorbed by the body. The total life changes hcg hormone once absorbed triggers hypothalamus and activates it to release or burn excess fat stored in various parts of the body. The burned fat thus becomes source of energy for the body helping you to stick to a low calorie diet while being active.

Total life changes hcg along with low calorie diet delivers amazing weight loss results. The energy obtained from the excess fat released will be used by the body to conduct various functions effectively. Total life changes hcg triggers rapid weight loss and many people experienced weight loss of one to two pounds a day.

Individuals looking for weight loss many doubts related to the use of total life changes hcg product. It is a known fact that hcg hormone melts away excess fat in the body , although this energy is utilized for bodily functions, person may feel little low on energy and may get inclined to eat more. But it is recommended to stick to low calorie diet and restrict oneself to limited intake of food to lose weight effectively when taking total life changes hcg drops.


Here are few instructions that you need to follow to lose weight effectively with total life changes hcg drops.

  • Do not consume any food or drink, before and after 15 minutes of total life changes hcg drops dose.
  • Take the exact dosage of the drops with the filler provided in the lid of the bottle.
  • The dosage should be placed under the tongue carefully using a spoon or the filler provided in the total life changes hcg
  • Hold the hcg drops under your tongue for atleast 30 seconds before you actually swallow it.
  • Ideal dosage of total life changes hcg liquid is 3 times a day; i.e. pre-breakfast, pre-lunch and pre-dinner.
  • If you have missed any of dosage of the total life changes hcg drops, double the dosage in the immediate intake to compensate the missed dosage.
  • Intake of total life changes hcg drops can be started anytime except in menstruating women. Menstruating women should avoid taking hcg dosage during periods and can resume with the dosage a day after the period ends. It is ideal to start the dosage atleast 10 days before periods begin or one day after period ends.

Experience rapid weight loss and obtain ideal weight with total life changes hcg drops and low cal diet along with medium level physical activity.