Review of TLC MLM Compensation Plan

Review of TLC MLM Compensation Plan

TLC MLM operates in skin care and nutrition niche which is founded by Jack Fallon. Total life changes has been launched in the year 1999 and since then has been popular for promoting health , nutritional and skin care products.TLC MLM opportunity is a unique network marketing opportunity that helps in improving socio financial status of individuals while obtaining health and well being benefits from their products.

TLC MLM promotes range of health, skin care and nutritional products under the brand name “Iaso”. They always believe that only best products can help in building best business.“Ojos” is a serum that reduces dark circles around the eye by hydrating the sensitive skin around the eyes. “Pomica” is a skin cleanser and detox that removes dead skin cells and toxins from the surface of the skin.Under skin care they are promoting 5 products. These TLC MLM products provide repairs and renew skin treatment apart from keeping the skin healthy and hydrated. TLC MLM nutritional products include Techui, café black, Café delgada, Iaso tea and nutraburst.

TLC MLM business offers up to 50% commission to the products along with bonus and team commissions. To qualify for the commission the affiliates need to maintain a minimum auto ship of $40 to earn commissions. The affiliates of TLC MLM receives 50% commission on the product and product volume is generated at 25%.The affiliates need to place a minimum of $40 order to generate fast commission based on a binary compensation plan.

TLC MLM pays commission based on a binary compensation structure where an affiliate joined the network will have two affiliate positioned under him/her directly. The TLC MLM affiliate is paid commission on the volume generated by both the teams under them. At the end of the month TLC MLM affiliate is paid on the pay leg which is the lowest volume generator. The affiliate is paid fixed percentage on the generated volume on a slab basis.

TLC MLM affiliate needs to recruit minimum 2 affiliates under him/her to start earning commission. The commission slab is as follows;

  • Recruiting 2 affiliates is mandatory where a 10% commission is paid on the gross volume generated by the TLC MLM
  • Pay leg is 12% when a gross volume of 1000 is generated by the team.
  • Pay leg is 14% when a gross volume of 5000 is generated by the team.
  • Pay leg is 17% when a gross volume of 10,000 is generated by the team.
  • Pay leg is 20% when a gross volume of 20,000 is generated by the team.
  • TLC MLM affiliates are paid a 50% match bonus on every new affiliate recruited.