TLC Network Marketing opportunities

Total life change is a company which is concerned with the health, as well as the wealth of people. This company provides opportunities to make money straight away from home. Anyone from any corner of the world can join this company and help himself/herself financially. There are some guidelines defined in the company’s rulebook to become a member. Members can develop their own business models and can increase the sales of TLC Network Marketing products in the market. TLC provides opportunities to make money by the full-time job and part-time job both. People can join TLC Network Marketing straight away from home. Also, there is no chance of going into debt and face bankruptcy.

Ways of Making Money:

  1. Retail sales with TLC Network Marketing:Total life changes gives an opportunity to develop your own business with their products. You can develop a pool of customers who buys the products on daily usage basis or purchase a large volume to make commissions. By the help of your business skills, you can enhance your business and sell more and more products. There are also online marketing options available for publicity of the TLC Network Marketing
  2. Fast-start Bonus with TLC Network Marketing:This is referral based system. If you are an independent business owner then with TLC then for every referral IBO you will get 50% commission. And the person you refer is also eligible for this referral scheme.
  3. Binary Pay with TLC Network Marketing: This is also a referral scheme but different from fast start bonus as according to this scheme you not only get bonus from the people you referred but also from the purchases of the people they have referred as well. In this, there are two kinds of teams, one which is grown by you and other which is who add new independent business owners who purchase the products. For the second type of team, you will be getting 10% to 25% bonus. Commissions are paid weekly.
  4. Matching bonus with TLC Network Marketing:Company also rewards an individual as the commitment to referring others and helping them to get success because the success of the people means the success of the company. You will receive an extra commission as bonus up to 50% of match of earning of your personally referred people as well as 50% of match of earning of their personally referred people.
  1. Lifestyle Bonus with TLC Network Marketing:Company believes that as the business grows expanses also increases. So the company also has a policy for that i.e. if all the conditions to earn the lifestyle bonus of TLC Network Marketing have been the company reward IBO’s up to$1500 to help them. This bonus is paid on monthly basis.