Total Life Changes’s Products: Fighting The Five Causes Of Aging

Health-conscious but busy women seek health products that come in one package. Juggling in between jobs, these career women don’t have plenty of time to spend on preparing food that contains all the nutrients their hyperactive body needs. This is where total life changes’ products come to the rescue.

Five Major Causes Of Aging

There are five causes of aging: free radicals, glycation, methylation, inflammation, and DNA degeneration. They are what multiple dietary supplements like total life changes diet aim to fight.

Let’s discuss them one by one.

Simply said, free radicals are molecules missing an electron. They seek to be “whole” again by stealing an electron from other chemical structures in the body. The result is that the tissue from where the electron was “stolen” is damaged seriously.

In small quantities, there’s no problem with free radicals and are in fact helpful for daily metabolism. You’re in trouble when they ran out of control. You cannot avoid oxidation in your body. So long as you breathe oxygen, there will always be free radicals in your body.

When proteins are attacked, total life changers is also aware of the dangers posed by glycation. Glycation is even more dangerous than free radicals. This problem has to do with proteins which are found in almost all parts of the body. Proteins are found inside the cells and are responsible for carrying oxygen and nutrients to the tissues.

But these proteins are constantly attacked by glocules molecules, sugars and aldehydes.These molecules are called glycating agents which attach themselves to protein molecules and eventually destroying them.

Methylation is a process where a group of chemicals called ’methyl groups’ are added to proteins, DNA and other molecules to make them function well. If one particular molecule is not methylated, it stops functioning. A poorly functioning methylation results in damaged molecules, which in turn results to different helalth problems and an acceleration of the your aging process.

Delaying the process of aging to stay healthy : Your body needs to fight against chronic inflammation.  If  inflammation is not stopped, age-related problems in the body are worsened. Too much inflammation lead to heart failure, dementia, arthritis and diabetes because it produces toxic chemicals that eat away body tissues. So if you’re a woman wanting to delay the process of aging, total life changes products products are your best choice.

DNA: The core of all aging issues found inside the nucleus all your cells is the chemical called DNA (deoxyribonucleicacid). DNA carries all generic instructions for making living organisms. Man’s DNA carries about 30,000 different genes, each gene fulfills specific role in keeping the body’s organs smoothly running.

DNAs make copy of themselves, which is crucial because each new cell requires a copy of the DNA in the old cell. Simply said, when your DNA degenerates, its exact copy inherits the damaged properties. If this trend continues, aging takes place a lot faster and death comes soon. DNA degeneration is in fact the core issue in the aging process.

Total life changes tea is created with all these aging problems in mind. It is specifically created for women aged 30 and above, the age bracket where all five causes of aging mentioned above started to show themselves. This product combines complex bio-active ingredients to slow down the process of aging.

The benefits of taking total life changes products include an improved skin texture, a better ability to handle stress, an improved sense of well-being, an improved eyesight, improved sexual life, clearer thinking and a reduction in PMS and menopausal symptoms.